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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FeedBlitz Unveils Newsletter Edition: First Cross-Media Lead Capture and Marketing Communications Service

Unique service bridges the gap between the traditional email newsletter mailing list and “Web 2.0” technologies by seamlessly integrating the best of both.

SUDBURY, MA — June 12, 2007 — FeedBlitz, LLC, the leading provider of RSS to email newsletter services, today announced the FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition, a first-of-its-kind service that gives marketers the ability to automatically unite the customization, targeting and tracking capabilities of their email newsletters with new media distribution to blogs, RSS feeds, instant messaging (IM) and social media.

With the FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition, newsletter marketers can easily reach the younger, more mobile and more influential subscribers that email misses, as well as their traditional readership, with a single service. Uniquely, authors can create their newsletter articles through IM, email, their smart phone or on the web. Newsletters are shipped across all those media, personalized for each subscriber, with automatically generated RSS feeds and branded web pages extending reach online to web readers and search engines.

“FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition delivers firsts in both convenience and capability,” said Phil Hollows, founder and CEO of FeedBlitz. “Unlike labor-intensive email newsletter services that stop at the in-box, it enables marketers to write, send and track their updates from any medium and extend its reach with delivery on any medium, all using one, easy process. Professional bloggers can maximize their revenue opportunities by using FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition to automate subscriber data capture, turning subscribers into leads they can actively market to.”

Hollows explains that, until now, no single service has been able to deliver personalized content to email, RSS feeds, IMs, and popular social networks such as Twitter. “Historically, Web 2.0 and social media marketing have lacked personalization, leading to disappointing revenues and poor ROI. Worse, anyone managing a blog or email newsletter service has had to use different vendors for each media channel. Added costs and complexity combined with wasted time, varying capabilities and limited data capture to frustrate publishers who simply want to reach, track and target all their subscribers.”

FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition succeeds in bringing all the distribution and management together into one powerful, publisher-centric service. It enables publishers to take charge of revenue generation across all these media, combining active, personalized, consistent communications with consistent tracking for correspondingly higher returns.

Features of Newsletter Edition include:
  • Create articles anywhere, anyhow: online, email, IM, phone.
  • Automated, personalized web distribution and hosting.
  • Personalized RSS feed generation.
  • IM distribution via Skype and AIM
  • Delivery to the Twitter social network.
  • Customized subscriber data capture.
  • Audience segmentation.

These new features combine with existing FeedBlitz capabilities such as real-time analytics, full subscriber management, import and export, tag filtering, unlimited RSS-powered autoresponders and email broadcast facilities.

FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition is available immediately and priced by the number of unique subscribers, starting for as little as $1.49 per month.

About FeedBlitz

FeedBlitz, LLC was founded in August, 2005 to provide a service enabling marketers, publishers and bloggers to make more effective use of newsletters, RSS and new media technologies by helping subscribers get the information they want in their preferred format. FeedBlitz converts RSS and blog updates into email newsletters delivered daily to subscribers' inboxes, instant messengers or social network site. Managing subscriptions, circulation tracking, real-time analytics, and email autoresponders, FeedBlitz is compatible with all major blogging platforms and services. More information is available at

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